How to Sterilize RO Water Filtration System

• Domestic RO System in Pakistan

A Reverse Osmosis System is a water filtration system that is effectual at reducing contamination within water to a level that is acceptable and salubrious for all who drink it. However, it should be remembered that this water filtration system is susceptible to malfunctioning if not cleaned properly.

Proper cleansing of domestic RO plant system in Pakistan needs to be ensured so that users may continue using water that is clean and free of contaminants. But just how is it that a Reverse Osmosis Water filtration system be sterilized in a consummate manner?

In order to address the said question and to sanitize a RO plant for Commercial use, the following steps should be observed:

• Top 15 Process of RO Water Filtration Systems

RO Water Filtration Systems

1. The first step involved in the sanitization of RO plants for Commercial use is to shut off the main valve before commencing onwards with the operation.

2. In this step, water should be dispensed from the Pure Water Faucet. Make sure that the water is dispensed completely.

3. Now comes the step in which you should remove filters from stage one to three from the filter housing.

4. Now remove the membrane from the membrane housing. But don’t remove the stage 5 filter.

5. Now in this step, reinstall all of the filter and membrane housings. But don’t include the filters and membrane. Also, remember to pour about 6 to 8 ounces of chlorine or hydrogen peroxide in the housing of the first stage.

6. Once this has been done, reattach all of the connections. Ensure that all connections are secure.

7. Now that this has been done with, turn the main valve back on.

8. Now that these steps have been completed, allow the system to run. Also, allow the tank to fill up quickly.

9. Flush the water out through the faucet once the tank has been filled in this step.

10. Repeat and reiterate this step until the lingering smell of chlorine or hydrogen peroxide has been diluted or removed to tolerable levels.

11. In this phase, the owners should turn off the main valve once again.

12. Now comes the phase in which the new filters and membranes should be installed. This includes the substitution of the stage 5 filter as well.

13. Now allow the water tank to fill up completely.

14. It should be remembered that the initial water tank is not intended for usage. Rather, the first water tank should be drained completely.

15. Now that all of these steps have been completed and done with, your RO System is finally cleaned and ready for use.

• Best Cleaning RO System

If these steps are followed properly then the RO System can be cleaned thoroughly and properly. Cleaning RO System is not only important but strongly recommended by all experts. This is because if not cleaned properly, damage can be incurred upon the inner mechanisms and filters of the RO System. This reduces functionality considerably and causes the productivity of filtration operations to suffer. So, owners are advised to pay close attention to the cleaning of their RO Water filtrations systems.