Our Vision

Our vision is simple “Even one drop matters”. Safe drinking water is a pre-condition for health and proper development; hence we try our best to provide you fresh and pure water till the last drop. With the worlds’ population escalating with each passing day, research reveals that more than 80% diseases in the world are caused by unsafe drinking water, whereas 40 % of the deaths are attributed to water-borne diseases. Pakistan, moving towards the road of development experiences a large number of deaths each year due to un-hygienic water conditions.

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Various common diseases caused due to unsafe drinking water are bacterial & viral infections, Digestive system disorders, dysentery, teeth and skin ailments, Kidney and liver damages, heart diseases, bone problems, fluorosis, diarrhea, Acidity, typhoid fever and also cancer. Hence it can be determined how important it is that your family consumes pure and safe drinking water. Pakistan, a nation struck by poverty and lack of resources is unable to provide high quality water to the nationals. Population is hence compelled to consume polluted surface water from ponds, rivers, canals, streams and lakes. Flowing water might at time seem clear and fresh but definitely needs to be treated prior to consumption. The conditions are worsening and government still fails to address these issues.

With awareness eventually rising in the urban areas people are now taking into account the importance of health of employees. Providing mineral water to the workforce improves their health, increases work efficiency and controls diseases which in short benefits the organization on the whole.

Our Motive

With a large focus on quality, Our professional team of experts are highly involved in strengthening role of industry in ensuring safety of drinking water. WWI also ensures the highest standards of water quality to maintain company rapport in market and win customer satisfaction.

If you wish to live a better tomorrow, join hands with us!

Our experts will visit your organization and will provide a proposal that fits your needs keeping in mind your strength of employees, the availability of raw water and the requirement of your organization/industry or business. If you follow the suggestions of our experts your organization shall succeed in producing their own mineral water in much less cost. Also the organization will be benefited in the following manner:

  • Aids in Obtaining ISO certifications
  • Ending the regular purchase of costly mineral water
  • Improving employees’ health
  • Reducing expenditures on health care
  • Self control over supply, quantity of quality of drinking water
  • Cost-effective on-site production of standard quality mineral water
how can we help you?

We can help you explore your options, understand your problems better, or just be there to listen.

WWI provides a complete line of water treatment services and parts across Worldwide