Effluent Treatment Plant

Also Industrial water waste does not only harm those who are forced to consume it, but also kill the animals below water. Even in the most developed countries, effluent from industries has become a big problem.

Keeping in mind the growing pollution in the country, Water World has now introduced first of its kind Effluent Treatment Plant in Pakistan. What does it do? How does it work? The benefits of an ETP plant? Here is what needs to be known:

What is an ETP Plant?

An ETP plant or Effluent Treatment Plant is a system that collects waste water from industries and cleans it before disposing it off in the environment. Effluents from most industries contain harmful toxins like chemicals (cyanide etc), grease, oil and meta particles which can kill those who consume it within minutes. Other industries like beverage and food factories dispose off waste containing degradable material which in turn harms the environment. Thus, an ETP plant basically cleans and purifies the waste water from these factories/industries before it is thrown away in rivers and canals, reducing water pollution.
Water World now proudly introduces ETP Pakistan, a system that will help reduce water waste.

How does the system work?

ETP plants are easy to install and maintain, especially those if bought from Water World only, one of the best ETP Manufacturer Pakistan today. The plant works at different levels and uses different process at every step so that the effluent collected from factories is completely clean from toxins and chemicals. The waste water before being disposed off in the environment, goes through these three steps of purification in an ETP plant:

  1. Preliminary Treatment

This first step includes physically removing bigger particles like a piece of cloth or plastic, glass bottles or metal, anything that can easily be seen with the naked eye. The effluent is first “screened” by using a pre-installed device which catches bigger particles, than moves through the sedimentation phase and enter the grit chamber where particles like gravels and sand are removed.

  1. Primary Treatment

The next step includes removal of particles that either float on top of the water or settle down. During the “flocculation” phase, destabilized particles are added together so that they easily separate from water. Next, coagulants are added which helps other particles to settle down. The water is than neutralized using chemicals that help maintain its pH and clarified using primary clarifiers.

  1. Secondary Treatment

The last step of effluent treatment includes using of biological floc of composed bacteria to kill germs and then aerated to remove pollutants that can harm the environment.

  1. Tertiary Treatment

The last level of this system treats the water with UV disinfectant and chemicals so that the recycled water when disposed off in the environment, can be used to fulfill various purposes.

Benefits of ETP Plant by Water World

Here is why every industry in Pakistan should be using this amazing system/method of reducing effluent:

  1. Filter waste water and recycles it for further use
  2. Reduces the use of fresh water in industries, saving it for the future
  3. Preserves the natural surrounding by reducing pollution
  4. Helps industries in cutting down on their water acquisition cost

Effluent Treatment Plant by Water World is an innovative system/method to reduce water pollution in Pakistan and help save the environment while helping the industries grow at their own pace!

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