Ultra Filtration Plants

Ultrafiltration Plants

This process makes use of a trans-membrane pressure for the purpose of separating particles according to their molecular weights. Here, hollow fibers ultrafiltration system (UFS) membranes act as the medium of filtration and they allow only those particles to permeate through that are larger than the membranes’ pore size. These membranes are made up of high molecular material using special and sophisticated technology. The pore size ranges from 0.1 to 0.005 μm (200,000 to 10,000 Daltons)for various applications.

These membranes are normally used to remove high molecular weight substances, bacteria, organic and inorganic polymeric molecules, and other colloidal materials. UF only needs 20% energy consumption of the reverse osmosis system. The other advantages are as follows.


  • Wide PH range.
  • Easy to operate and maintain.
  • Lower investment cost
  • No contaminant residue caused by chemical reaction
  • Energy-saving possible as minimum pumping energy required

The low-molecular-weight ions that permeate through the membrane include sodium, calcium, sulfate, and magnesium chloride. Conventional filters (media filters/cartridge filters) only remove suspended solids that get trapped in pores of filter media. These filters hence need regular cleaning or replacement whereas the Ultrafiltration(UF) system works in a pretty cleaner way and holds the ability to remove almost all of the emulsified materials.

Water Ultra Filtration System and Ultrafiltration Plant Processes

The UF membrane modules come in spiral-wound and capillary configurations and have been deployed successfully in various process applications. For high-purity water, the above two configurations are widely used. Operating temperature and operating pressure are two factors that are directly proportional to the permeate rate. Just as Ultrafiltration Plant membranes are replacing other filters that fail to produce such high purity water, we expect the water Ultrafiltration plant gaining more popularity. Contact us today for the best ultra-filtration plant services in Pakistan, UAE, and USA.

How Does Ultrafiltration plant Work?

Since ultrafiltration can transform our lives to a great extent, let’s consider a bit more about this procedure. One of the most advanced yet familiar technology to purify the water is an ultrafiltration plant. This technology uses a semipermeable membrane to decontaminate the water from suspended particles and harmful bacteria.

An ultrafiltration plant is different from a reverse osmosis plant. It retains the mineral contents of the water while filtering out bacteria, viruses, and parasites.  There is a single membrane that acts as a barrier separating large pollutants from the fluid. The result is mineral-rich freshwater which is utterly healthy to consume.

How Much Does an Ultrafiltration Plant Cost?

Water World Technology is the leading ultrafiltration plant price in Pakistan.

The cost of Ultrafiltration plant depends on several circumstances including the size of the plant, the amount of water it’ll produce in a day, and quality. Water World is an ultrafiltration plant supplier in Pakistan & UAE that promises to provide the best quality ultra-filtration plants at an affordable cost.

As compared to other water purifying systems, (UF) Ultrafiltration plants cost range from anything between PKR 249,000 to PKR 999,000. Those living in Pakistan, Water World do offer their services in the country and that too without costing you an arm and leg. Get the Best Price For Ultrafiltration plants in Pakistan Please Call Now. Pak: +92 213 4664523 +92 213 4013353. Or contact us through the website contact us page.

Modern And Highly Advanced Technology To Filter Water

Modern And Highly Advanced Technology To Filter Water

Water is a basic necessity, a liquid that has made life around the globe thrive and survive. As much as it an important part of survival, not everyone in the world is fortunate enough to get access to clean, drinkable water.

This is why Water World has come forward to play its part in making it more accessible to those underprivileged. By setting up affordable and highly advanced ultrafiltration plants, we have ensured to make clean water available for all.

UFUltrafiltration Plants Reviews

Water World is one of the best ultrafiltration providers, hence being labeled as the first Pakistan ultrafiltration plants provider. Ultrafiltration water plants are used or cleaning water, and when it comes to our ultrafiltration RO system, we have the most advanced ones.

Are you planning to install this system and searching for ultrafiltration reviews? Then be sure that you are in the right place. Our filtration plants are ideal for both commercial and industrial use. Moreover, we offer these systems at highly affordable rates so that more people can benefit from it.

Water World’s filtration system is one of the most advanced and finest ones. We have made sure to get complete certification from the suitable authorities and only then introduce the worthy item to our clients.

Water filtration plant uses the most technologically advanced membranes that ensure each impurity is successfully left behind, pushing forward only clean water that is worthy of consumption.

Moreover, our plants can easily filter out water in higher quantities without compromising on quality. Thus, if you are seeking a reliable system, Water World is the one to look up to.

Ultrafiltration Process

What is the easiest ultrafiltration definition? It is a system that filters and cleans water, making it hygienic and healthy for consumption.

Ultrafiltration plants by Water World are embedded with technologically advanced membranes that act as a “sieve” and help filter out impurities and contamination. The water runs through various phases where at each stage it is cleaned thoroughly.

Once the plant removes all the impurities, it is moved on for chlorination where germs and bacteria are killed. If this is not done, you’ll get sick upon using the water hence, something that Water World does not want to happen at any cost!

Next, when the water has been thoroughly cleaned, it is then packed to be distributed. But is only this that makes Water World’s ultrafiltration plants the best? No! The price surely adds to its charm.

Unlike other companies, we have made sure to keep the cost low so that those in need can be provided with clean water that they deserve to avail. Thus, for both industrial and commercial use, we have designed systems that are highly cost-effective and efficient in performance.

People living in countries like Pakistan do not have access to clean water, thus the introduction of this system by the company will surely help bring change for the better. Hence, if you’re looking for a reliable ultrafiltration plant system, trust only Water World.

Best Ultra Filtration Plants in Pakistan

Best Ultra Filtration Plants in Pakistan

What is the ultrafiltration process?

The procedure of ultrafiltration uses a filtration membrane. The process is quite similar to that of reverse osmosis however the membrane specifications differ. An ultrafiltration membrane uses a pore size of usually 103 – 106 Daltons.  The hydrostatic pressure forces the solvent through a semi-permeable membrane. Suspended solids and solutes of high molecular weight are retained, while low molecular weight solutes pass through the membrane including water molecules. The process helps to get rid of unnecessary suspended particles, pathogens, and viruses giving you a pure drinkable form of water.

A semi-permeable membrane and its construction is a crucial part of the procedure. Its accurate measurement ensures the end result. This is why some of the Best Ultrafiltration Plant Companies in Pakistan like Water World International uses high-quality filtration membrane to make pure drinkable water available for the masses.

The semi-permeable membrane used for ultrafiltration should be fine enough to pass only specific molecules such as that of water. It should be capable of separating substances when a driving force is applied across the membrane.

What is ultrafiltration used for?

Nowadays, Ultrafiltration Plants Services are coming up with advanced technologies to design highly intelligent and thin semi permeable membranes that can remove colloidal particles (0.01 to 1.0 microns) from water and some of the largest dissolved contaminants. a specific molecular weight cutoff determines the size of particles that can be allowed to pass through the filtration membrane. Hence, this is a quick and effective method to purify raw water and use it for daily consumption.

It is being widely used as an alternative to secondary and tertiary filtration systems used in water-treatment plants. As the result, the growing problem of the availability of clean consumable water can be controlled easily with time.

Reputable Filtration Services

Many reputable filtration services are adopting new filtration techniques like ultrafiltration over traditional methods. One such company is Water World International in Pakistan. We understand the need for clean water and its shortage in developing countries like Pakistan. So, we have made it our mission to use state-of-the-art technology in order to ensure the provision of safe and healthy water to the people of our country.

The end product from our plants is free from all harmful chemicals. Water World International is proud to mention that we are ISO certified and deliver high-quality results by following all regulatory standards of water quality. This helps us to maintain quality assurance and quality control. The recycled and processed water from our plants can be used in a variety of industrial procedures as well as domestic chores.

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