Environmental Services

Water world international environmental services specialize in management of water quality not only in commercial but industrial structures throughout Pakistan. As our commitment is to deliver reliable, consistent and quality services to clients we are environmentally assured through international standards such as ISO 17025, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

We make sure that waste water treatment is done with extensive care not harming the environment by any means. WWI takes into account the unique characteristics and challenges our customers face. The filtration steps of chemical separation and mechanical separation are carried out in the best possible manner with the right equipment and chemicals to ensure environmental safety.

WWI carries out the following tasks:

  • Contaminated land assessment
  • Environmental biology
  • Waste characterization and landfill assessment
  • Covers all facets of water cycle including waste water, Effluents, ground water and potable water
  • Microbiology including Legionella identification
  • Air, Noise, dust and vibration monitoring
  • Management of endocrine Disrupting compounds and chemicals
  • Identifying and treating even Low level radioactive materials.
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