Zero Liquid Discharge ZLD Plant

Water is an essential element for life. Not only do people need it to survive, but factories and industries need this “liquid” for the completion of their processes. Most car washing industries, fruit syrup factories and another belonging to the beverage and food field will need water to process.

Water World now proudly introduces the Zero Liquid Discharge ZLD plant that will help minimize water wastage and save the environment.

What is ZLD?

ZLD is an intelligently engineered system that aims at ZDHC (zero discharge of hazardous chemicals) with an end product that is clean and filtered water. The idea behind this method is to treat wastewater and recover 100% freshwater while converting the contamination into solid waste which is easy to dispose.

Effluent from industries contains high levels of salts and toxins in form of chemicals and metals. The ZLD system uses the basic science behind evaporation to evaporate these particles and convert them into solid later. The water left behind is than pushed into the next tanks where it is further treated and purified, making it suitable for use.

Why is Zero Liquid Discharge important?

In an era when the cost of production is high and the profit margin is less, industries need a new solution to minimize not just the cost and increase profits, but also a way to minimize waste and help save the environment.
Water is essential for survival and thus, with the natural resources deteriorating, people need to now play their part in saving it as much as they can for the future. The ZLD plants are designed to solve this problem to some extent. With having this system installed in their existing plants, the industries can now reduce water waste. Most industries have their own resources of fresh water and openings that dispose of waste directly in the rivers, polluting it to an alarming level.

Developed or developing, countries throughout the world are struggling to save their freshwater channels by reducing water waste. The ZLD system filter the effluent collected from the industries and treats it by using evaporation which not only filters out the toxic particles and solidifies them but also helps industries recover maximum water that is recycled and then, re-used.

Also, the Zero Liquid Discharge ZLD system is known to solidify liquid waste. The water collected from industries especially mining and fuel gas distillation fields contains particles of gypsum and others, which when evaporated and converted into a solid can easily be sold off for some good bucks.

Zero Liquid Discharge Plant

The mere benefit of the ZLD system is to reduce water waste. Not only does it help in recovering maximum freshwater from dirty supplies but also by converting left behind waste into solid, gives industries an opportunity to earn additional profit by selling it off.

Although this system is a little expensive as compared to traditional wastewater treatment plants, but with Water World serving you with its best intentions, you can now get this product at an affordable price and enjoy hassle-free installation through the professionals!

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Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals

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