Textile Effluent Recycling

When water is used in huge quantities for textile dyeing the result is depletion of groundwater level. In this process the textile industries generate huge amounts of effluents that contain sodium sulfate, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide and traces of other salts and colors. WWI also has a solution to reuse this water by purifying it form these impurities. Textile effluent treatment plants process the harmful toxic effluent water and transform it to reusable form. This water can be used in dying process again and can be resold in the market. The foundation of this process is based on two steps that involve separation and evaporation technology. These two processes where first involve evaporation followed by separation reduce effluent to zero levels.


The key features of this plant involve:

  • Easy operation
  • Fully customized designed system
  • Zero liquid discharge
  • Low operating cost
  • Highest steam economy
  • Production of reusable condensate water
  • Textile Effluent Treatment Plants
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