Sewage Treatment Plant in Pakistan

STP In Pakistan

Pakistan is becoming a water deficit country; hence we need to think rationally to find some non-conventional ways to recycle the water to use it for other purposes like washing clothes, cleaning houses etc. Removing the contaminants from domestic sewage through Sewage Treatment Plant undergoes chemical, physical and biological processes to make it clean, safe and healthy to use. Wastewater from industries and other commercial factories contains chemicals and harmful toxins that are also treated at STP Plants.

The conventional STP follows primary, secondary and finally the tertiary methods for the treatment of sewage or wastewater. The sticks, rags, plastic, clothes, sanitary items, etc are removed from the sewage water before the STP process begins.

For all those who are searching for the best sewage treatment plant services in Pakistan, you have landed on the right page. Here is all you need to know.


Ultra Pure Pakistan is a water treatment company that is serving since more than a decade now. They have a variety of water treatment and wastewater treatment amenities. The high shortage of water in many areas of Pakistan has created an immense need of Sewage Treatment Plant Companies and Suppliers who can treat the sewage water and make it reusable for several other purposes rather than just wasting a large amount of water. Yes, it is true that sewage water can be treated and converted into drinkable water by removing all the bacteria and contaminations. They design and manufacture the sewage plant as per your commercial or domestic requirement, install it at your facility and provide necessary maintenance of the plant.

2. Water 2000, Inc

Water 2000 provides 360 degrees solutions to the wastewater problems. For the sewage water treatment, they can provide consultancy, analyze, design, manufacture the STP plant, and install at the facility, supplies chemicals related to water engineering and several products to enhance the biological process. The renowned and experienced engineers design the STP plant to recycle the sewage water as per the requirement of the client keeping in mind the sewage quantity, technology, space, minimum cost, low power consumption and high focus on minimizing the contamination of sewage water to zero levels while discharging it to the environment. The plants are efficient, light weight, compact, easily portable and low power consuming. The plants are also eco-friendly because of the special use of eco- friendly bacteria, the plant does not produce bad odor so you don’t need to put more money on making it environment-friendly.

3. Water World:

Water World provides Best Sewage Treatment Plants Services in Pakistan that are designed to filter pollutants, contaminants, and bacteria from the sewage water and make it safe and healthy for drinking and other usage. The STP plants filters and separates the different molecules and makes the water free of harmful chemicals and maintains its pH value.

Best Sewage Treatment Plant in Pakistan

We would recommend you the Water World as they have a variety of best Sewage Treatment Plant in Pakistan. The clients are highly satisfied and have applauded the company as their plant functions longer compared to other STP Plants, their installation, maintenance service is high class. Plus they are complying with the high- quality standards, so you don’t need to worry about any problems related to water or wastewater treatment, Water World is your one-stop solution!

Types Of Sewage Treatment Plant

Types Of Sewage Treatment Plant

With the world running out of water sooner than anticipated, the world needs to look up for alternatives. Thus, Water World has come up with an intelligent solution for using sewage water for consumption. Of course not as it is but treating it in sewage treatment plants and distributing the consumable water to the population.

Here are the different types of the sewage treatment plant for wastewater treatment:
  1. Activated sludge plant
  2. Rotating disc system
  3. Suspended media filters
  4. Sequencing batch reactor, etc

How does the sewage treatment plant work?

Water World has introduced a sewage treatment plant in Pakistan. But how does an STP work? It follows the mechanism of water purification. The Pakistan sewage treatment plant uses filters to remove contamination and toxins. Once the water has been purified, it is then sprayed with chlorine with pH maintained so it becomes consumable. From drinking to washing, the water that is collected after treatment is healthy and safe.

Sewage Treatment Plant Process

The sewerage system for the treatment of dirty water ensures that the end product is safe for use. The plant installed by Water World first collects dirty water from various resources in a huge tank. It then passes through pipes to another tank where the water is forced to move through a screen where bigger particles stay behind.

Next, it moves through grit cleaner where dust and related particles settle down and are then removed from the liquid. From stones to sand, even the smallest of dust particles remain behind and the water moves forward to another tank. To ensure the water is clean from germs and bacteria, it is then sprayed with chlorine. Once done, the treatment plant uses different chemicals to balance the pH of the water, thus making it worthy of consumption.

What are the 3 stages of sewage treatment? 

Sewage plant treatment is not a one-step process. Rather, the water moves through different stages of filtration to ensure every drop of it is clean from toxins and safe for consumption. Here are the three main steps of a sewage treatment plant:

  1. Primary stage

This is the first stage where the dirty water collected from different resources is passed through a screen. The screen then filters out the bigger particles including sticks, rags, etc, and clearing the water of particles that can be seen with the naked eye. 

  1. Secondary stage

The next stage consists of the water moving through a grit chamber. Once the water is clean of bigger particles, it is time to remove particles that are invisible to the eye. This includes sand particles and small stones that are forced to settle down. 

  1. Tertiary stage

The last stage consists of where the water is cleaned using chlorine. It helps kill illness-causing bacteria. Also, here the pH of the water is balanced so that when you consume it, you know that you are having something super healthy and safe.

Hence with Water World’s sewage treatment plant, you know you are in safe hands!