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Mineral Water Plant – Purification Water Plant

When it comes to family and their health no compromises are allowed. The process of water purification packaging is carried out much smoothly and accurately. The mineral water plant comprises of water treatment plant, rinsing and filling machinery, blowing machinery labeling and taping machinery and SS storage tanks. The plant performs various operations including water purification, bottling , labeling and coding the water bottles.

Mineral Water Plants Manufacturer

Our RO plants are made out of quality materials, embedded with strong membranes so that the water filtered through it is rich in mineral content yet free from all sorts of contamination. Purifying, packaging, bottling and labeling mineral water is not an easy task as thought. It takes times and efforts plus latest machinery to carry out the whole process effectively. To make clean and fresh water readily available for people, Water World has installed huge mineral water plants that are technologically advanced in purifying water, decontaminating and making it free of all sorts of pollutants.

Why choose our water? Because we make sure that every step of the filtration process is executed with precision and care. The water goes through different stages and at each one, chemicals and contamination is filtered out accordingly, maintaining the levels of pH and minerals in it. The process may take up to but the end result is always worth the weight. We aim at improving the health conditions in Pakistan and this is why we also install plants for industrial use.


The process is carried out in following multiple stages:

  • Raw water that has to be processed is collected in tanks
  • Water is then loaded with alum for coagulation
  • It is allowed to settle for an hour after coagulation
  • This water is transferred to chlorination tank and treated with chlorine gas
  • Water is passed through sand filters for trapping un-dissolved impurities
  • Water is then Sand and carbon filtered , odor and color is removed.
  • Then water is passed through micro fillers followed by UV disinfection system
  • Finally packing takes place through automatic rinsing, filling and capping machine.

The plant can purify up to 1000 Liters/hour. We do installations at water packaging industries.

Our process is complete and supervised by specialists who are experts in this area so that at the end of the day, people can gain quick and easy access to fresh, filtered and healthiest water. When choosing bottled water for your family, choose only Pure Water Flux mineral water plant because we focus at improving lifestyle.

Find the Right Mineral Water Plant:

Keeping all the advantages of mineral water in mind, installing a home mineral water plant is a great step towards a better lifestyle. Do not compromise on the quality of drinking water. Get in touch with Water World  today and explore a wide range of water plants. Our unique designs and state-of-the-art systems ensure that every drop of water is safe and healthy for human consumption.

Water World is one of the top manufacturers of mineral water plants in Pakistan. We deal in high-quality treatment plants, rinsing bottles, safe and reliable packaging, detailed labeling, and tapping facilities at the best prices all across the country. Our cutting-edge technology removes all sorts of pollutants and bacteria from water without depriving you of the necessary salts and nutrients. Not on the plant machinery but the packaging and labeling used by Water World are also one of its kind.

Special trans-membrane technology in our mineral RO plants promises 100% pure water by filtering unwanted chemicals from the water. However, the pH levels of the fluid remain intact.

Get a better deal on the bulk mineral water plant. Visit our website to learn more about our services.

What is the cost of a mineral water plant in Pakistan?

The total project cost for setting up a Mineral Water Processing Unit is estimated at PKR. 300,000  out of which PKR. 200,000 in capital cost and PKR. 700,000 is working capital. The project is proposed to be financed through 50% debt and 50% equity. The NPV is projected around Rs. 2.753 million, with an IRR of 41% and a Payback Period of 3.08 years. The legal business status of this project is proposed as a ‘Sole Proprietorship’. These all information published by commerce.gov.pk on May 23, 2015.

However, You can get all the latest updates, free consultation, and costs information about mineral water plants by calling us at +92 213 4664523 | +92 213 4013353. Or you can simply visit our website contact us page and drop your query. We will call you in the next 12 to 24 hours with your answer.

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