Whole House Filtration System

Whole House Water Filtration System

Our latest focus is on the whole house filtration system which is the ultimate solution against un-treated water which contains high amount of chlorine, sediment particles, dirt CaCO3, MgSO4 and heavy metals. Once this water is treated through this system the result is soft, purified water fit for cooking, gardening and showering purposes. Installation of this system means purified water throughout the house which not only ensures healthy living but also reduced costs. The price of whole house water filter is much economical and benefits are surplus. With this system within the house, you not only enjoy high quality water in bathtubs, showers, washing machines and dishwashers but also it improves indoor air quality. Entirely suitable and manageable for a small business environment or home this whole house filters 99.99% of chlorine, odors , sediments and bad taste . Also it will remove any VOC’s or chlorine that might be for example embedded in clothing as a result of washing clothes with unfiltered water. This soft water keeps your clothes enjoy new look for longer periods of times even after multiple washes. The dishwasher specially is a great source of releasing VOC’s and chloroform into the household air than any other source (except shower). But with whole house water filtration system water problems are resolved automatically. Everything in your house that comes in contact with water looks smells and tastes better. Appliances will not rust anymore and fixtures will stay bright and stain free. Summary of benefits

Summary of benefits

  • Prevention of skin and hair damage in showers
  • No more rings, stains, soap scum in bathtubs, commodes, sinks and tiles
  • More foam in shampoo and soaps
  • Better water flow in pipes as scale buildup lessens , saving your overhead maintenance costs
  • Lengthen machine life and durability for e.g. washing machines
  • Bright and stain free soft clothes and towels
  • Sparkling dishes
  • Purified water for drinking, cooking and baby food
  • Prevention of faucets from corrosion and scaling
  • More greener and healthy plants
  • Suitable for aquariums, swimming pools and car washing.
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