Ultra Filtration Plant

This process makes use of a trans-membrane pressure for the purpose of separating particles according to their molecular weights. Here, hollow fibers ultra filtration (UF) membranes act as the medium of filtration and they allow only those particles to permeate through that are larger than the membranes’ pore size. These membranes are made up of high molecular material using special and sophisticated technology. The pore size ranges from 0.1 to 0.005 μm (200,000 to 10,000 Daltons)for various applications.

These membranes are normally used to remove high molecular weight substances, bacteria, organic and inorganic polymeric molecules and other colloidal materials. UF only needs 20% energy consumption of reverse osmosis system. The other advantages are as follows.


  • Wide PH range.
  • Easy to operate and maintain.
  • Lower investment cost
  • No contaminant residue caused by chemical reaction
  • Energy saving possible as minimum pumping energy required

The low-molecular weight ions that permeate through the membrane include sodium, calcium, sulfate and magnesium chloride. Conventional filters (media filters/cartridge filters) only remove suspended solids that get trapped in pores of filter media. These filters hence need regular cleaning or replacement whereas Ultra filtration system works in a pretty cleaner way and holds the ability to remove almost all of emulsified materials.

The UF membrane modules come in spiral-wound and capillary configurations and have been deployed successfully in various process applications. For high-purity water, the above two configurations are widely used. Operating temperature and operating pressure are two factors that are directly proportional to the permeate rate. Just as UF membranes are replacing other filters that fail to produce such high purity water, we expect Ultra filtration plant gaining more popularity.

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