Mineral Water Plants

Mineral Water Plant – Purification Water Plant

When it comes to family and their health no compromises are allowed. The process of water purification packaging is carried out much smoothly and precisely. The mineral water plant comprises of water treatment plant, rinsing and filling machinery, blowing machinery labeling and taping machinery and SS storage tanks. The plant performs various operations including water purification, bottling , labeling and coding the water bottles.


The process is carried out in following multiple stages:

  • Raw water that has to be processed is collected in tanks
  • Water is then loaded with alum for coagulation
  • It is allowed to settle for an hour after coagulation
  • This water is transferred to chlorination tank and treated with chlorine gas
  • Water is passed through sand filters for trapping un-dissolved impurities
  • Water is then Sand and carbon filtered , odor and color is removed.
  • Then water is passed through micro fillers followed by UV disinfection system
  • Finally packing takes place through automatic rinsing, filling and capping machine.

The plant can purify up to 1000 Liters/hour. We do installations at water packaging industries.

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