We are proud to ANNOUNCE that WATER WORLD INTERNATIONAL is ISO certified!

About Water World International

Walico Group is another trend setter that has indeed established standards for quality when it comes to customer care.

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Water World International Services

We have the finest team of professionals that aim at serving best to our customers. Their efforts combined with latest technology

Water World International Vision

Our vision is simple “Even one drop matters”. Safe drinking water is a pre-condition for health and proper development

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Water World A World Leader In
Water Treatment SolutionsOur RO plants are made out of quality materials, embedded with strong membranes so that the water filtered
through it is rich in mineral content yet free from all sorts of contamination.

Our Products

Industrial RO

Water world international has developed advanced industrial ro plants technologies to produce high grade drinking water from different source.

Commercial RO

This water treatment also uses the reverse osmosis principle and is extensively used for commercial purposes. Being cost effective it is the best option for Commercial RO Plant.

Domestic Reverse
Osmosis Plant

Taking into account the health concerns of our clients related to water contamination we have developed an advanced level of Domestic RO plant.

Ultra Filtration

Ultrafiltration Plant process makes use of a trans-membrane pressure for the purpose of separating particles according to their molecular weights.

Mineral Water

When it comes to family and their health no compromises are allowed. The process of mineral water purification packaging.

Textile Effluent

When water is used in huge quantities for textile dyeing the result is depletion of ground water level. Read more.

Water World Int’l.

A Water world international is one stop solution for all your water problems.

Get Strong Fast! Switch our strong dedication to serve the best to our customers and their growing concerns regarding water pollution, we keep on improvising. Not only are we the most credible industrial ro and commercial RO plant supplier in market but we work to make life better!

Water world international
RO Plant Pakistan

Buy RO Plants, Industrial Plants, Commercial RO Plants, Community Plant, Containerized RO Plants
and Domestic RO Plants.

Home Reverse Osmosis Plant. All parts fully assembled and ready for installation on site. Simple To Operate – Genuine products – Impeccable services.
Superior performance; Easily fit into existing or new RO plants. Contact us now!

Leading a Healthier Life

Contaminated and polluted water is one of the biggest reasons for children and adults getting sick these days. Most simply end up with stomach issues which if unhealthy with can be life threatening. And so making sure that no one has to suffer due to unavailability of unclean water, Water World has created these splendid RO plants for both commercial ro and industrial ro use so you and your family can easily gain access to purified water and lead a happy and healthier life without any doubts. 

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Water World Making Freshwater
From Seawater Since 1995


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